I have always been drawn to nature and wildcrafted products. Manitoulin Island is a perfect venue for wildcrafting plants and mushrooms. I always wanted to use natural products and they are not easy to find. Before I made my own products I used the best I could find which was not a natural product. Many people with sensitive skin are bothered by synthetics.

When I was a teen I used my Dad’s deodorant one day - wanting a good strong one. Later that day my sisters and I were testing fragrances on our wrists and I realized that all I could smell was Dad’s Mennon Speed Stick. That was when I realized that what we put on our bodies - we are also putting in our bodies. 

I enjoy going out to the woods & fields around my country home to gather wild plants and mushrooms. I enjoy making new products and learning about new healthy healing plants. This year I discovered the Chaga mushroom. Two years ago I discovered how to make delicious acorn flour. There are so many natural plants that are available for food and for healing. This winter I have learned to make Castile (100% Olive Oil) Liquid soap which will be for sale soon. 

I also enjoy the artistic challenge of making the labeling for the packaging. It is an art form in itself.